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Football Players from a Single Club

Money can buy you almost anything in sports, as Chelsea, Manchester City, and Real Madrid fans know all too well. But there’s one thing it can’t buy you: loyalty. The great irony of assembling a team of the best players money can buy is that if someone gives them more money, they’ll quit. Such is the life of a mercenary.

Consider some of the most notable footballers to play for only one team. They might not be the players that have played the most games statistically, especially since some random South American players could have easily racked up thousands of rounds without anyone paying attention. They are, however, some of Europe’s biggest and best players from the last two decades or so. And there’s one South American gamer who has racked up over a thousand games without attracting any attention.


Although goalkeepers are subjected to less wear and tear than outfield players, Rogério Ceni’s achievement is not overlooked. He has made 1152 appearances for Sao Paolo, making him the all-time leader in appearances for any club. He’s also scored over 100 goals, which is quite an accomplishment for a goalkeeper!


As he is popularly known among United’s ardent supporters, Giggsy may not have made as many appearances as Rogério Ceni, but he has had a more successful career. With 963 games for Manchester United, the Welshman has won thirteen Premier League titles, four FA Cups, three League Cups, and two Champions League titles. Giggsy, one of Alex Ferguson’s most devoted slaves, never let his colorful personal life interfere with his ability to perform on the game.


Paolo Maldini was practically invincible as a defender, and it appeared that not even age could slow him down when he approached his 25th season as a 40-year-old. At 41, he decided to leave the workforce, but not before making an incredible 902 appearances for AC Milan and winning 26 championships. Winning the Champions League five times with a club earns your hero status, and Maldini retired as a living legend.


There aren’t many club players who are more adored than Jack Charlton. As a member of England’s 1966 World Cup-winning squad and later as the manager of Ireland, he is most recognized, which he led to two World Cups and one European Championship. Still, he was also a fiercely devoted home player. From 1953 to 1973, Jack appeared in 744 games for Leeds, including 628 league games, 52 FA Cup games, 7 League Cup games, 56 European games, and one charity shield match when the club won the league in 1969.


During his Liverpool career, the youngster from Bootle was frequently overshadowed by his friend and fellow local-lad Steven Gerrard, but that was exactly how he liked it. As Liverpool fans affectionately knew him, Carra made 737 appearances for the club and served as Vice-Captain for eleven years. Apart from the Premier League, he departed Liverpool with a winner’s medal for every major prize, with the Anfield supporters often singing about wanting a ‘team of Carragher’s.’


Paul Scholes, the unassuming ginger-haired lad who could put in a nice tackle if he wanted to, played 718 times for United before his official retirement in 2013. We say proper since he announced his retirement in 2011 only to reverse his decision in September of the following year. When asked what it was like to be the best player in the world, Zinedine Zidane said, “Ask Paul Scholes.”


If Tony Adams was Mr. Arsenal, meet Mr. Chelsea, his friend. Terry encapsulates everything it means to be a Chelsea Football Club supporter, both good and bad. Fans refer to him as ‘Captain, Leader, Legend,’ while the British press refers to him as ‘England’s Brave John Terry’ because of his contributions to the national team throughout the years. He made 713 appearances for the Blues before moving to Aston Villa at writing. He captained a nouveau riche Chelsea side to four Premier League titles, five FA Cups, three League Cups, and one each of the Europa League and the Champions League during his stay at Stamford Bridge. Although Roman Abramovich brought in the top players in the world, a London lad assisted them in lifting the trophies.

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